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  • Invasion Of Alpine (Patriots)March 16th, 2013
    The big invasion is coming so get ready!
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Invasion Of Alpine (Important Event)

Ok mage warriors, we are going to secretley invade the patriots of cp with our them noticing, so we will go on there server and we are going to invade it and if they dont come on their server then we will take their main server and we will annoy the patriots and make them lose their main server! So anyway here are the time for this invasion:

Invasion Of Alpine:

Where: Alpine, Ice Berg

When: Saturday the 16th of March 2013

Times: Time: GMT:6:00pm, PST:11am, EST: 2pm, CST: 1pm, MST: 12PM

So mage warriors we have to try and take their server so that finally an army will actually take the patriots capital server!


The tactics for this event are:

1. Sneak on to their server without them noticing

2. Listen to the orders that are given to you

3. Make sure you come on the chat 30 mins early (if you can)

4. Make sure you move when i tell you to

5. Dont do tactics unless you are a owner or i ask you to

6. React quick when i give an order

Starting Room:

We will start in the snow forts then we will go to the cove and finally after that we will make our way to the ice berg and finish off hopefully in victory!

Rewards For This Event:

If you come to this event the following will happen but only if we win and have good sizes:

1 Temp mod

1 Temp owner

These rewards will last for 5 days then it will be back to normall again! Also all members will get a promo!

Why you should log on early:

Because if you come on the chat early we can get more soldiers up and running on cp and we can try and max our record of maybe 10+ so we will try and hit that target also! Also, if you log on early you have more chance of getting a promo and if you dont log on early then you have less chance of getting a promo!

What happens if we win:

If we win then we will have an event the day after the invading one that is just a victory event on chat and we discuss how good we where in the event! Im hoping that we do win so that finally the patriots we be decieved and their capital server will just be shutdown for good and it will be given to us! So if we win we get there server and they lose their main one!

Mod/Owner orders for invasion:

If you are a mod or an owner then you will have to follow the orders below:

1. If we do not have enough people on from our army then recruit them from other chat

2. If people arent logging in cp from the chat then pc them about it

3. If someone does not do a tactic then in pc tell them to wake up

4. Be alert of someone breaking the rules on the chat

5. If their are any spies then bann them straight away

Also if patriots invade us with any other army they automatically lose!

Make sure you come to this important event!

So make sure you come to this event as its very important! Comment below if you can or cant come!

Good Week

Ok the events this week were good! Accept from the last two events but accept from that is has been a long tiring good week! Also, i have planned an event for tommorow that is just going to be games on cp so you can just have fun! Look at the details below:

Game night:

Where: Blizzard, all over cp playing games

Time: GMT:7:30pm, PST:12:10am, EST: 4:10pm, CST: 12:10am, MST: 1:10PM

So this event is just for fun so you can come if you want but you dont have to!

Next Week Events


Training Session:

Where: Aurora, Town

Time: UK:6:50PM, GMT:6:10pm, PST:10:50am, EST: 2:50pm, CST: 10:50am, MST: 11:50PM


Recruiting Session On Xat Chat:

Where: Chatbox

Time: UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM


Meeting On The Chat:

Where: Our Chatbox

Time: UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM


Training Session:

Where: Aurora, Snow Forts

Time: UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM


Recruiting Session On Club Penguin:

Where: Blizzard, Town

Time: UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM

Make sure that you try to come to these events as it will help!

Practice Battle With The Dark Defenders! (Important Event)

Today I organized a practice battle with the leader of the dark defenders and we discussed the event and when it is! Also make sure we get 10+ people for this event as its very important as its our first ever practive battle so make sure you come to this event on 2nd of march so that it will make us look like we actually can win things! Also make sure you go on the chat during the event to make sure you can communicate with your fellow soldiers during the battle to know what orders you have during the battle! Comment if you can/cant come! Look at the details below:

Event is cancelled till further notice!

Training Session Results

Today we had a training session and we did well we got 5 people to come to the event and we did some good training stuff so if we keep on doing good training session and keep getting more recruits, then we will be able to battle other armys and hopefully get to the top of the leaderboard! The next event we have is,

What: Meeting on the chat

When: Friday the 29th of February 2013

Time: UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM

Where: Our chatbox


Recruiting Session Results + Training Session Tuesday

It was dissapointing today as noone accept me came to the event so make sure in the next event that you actually come to it rather than just logging off! Anyways i got 1 new person to join this site so at least i got someone i suppose also i have details for the next event:

When:Tuesday the 26th of February

Where: Aurora

What Time:UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM

What Room:Town

So make sure you come to this next event as its a training session!


Recruitment Session

In a few days we will go recruiting so make sure that you sign up by this date:

Sunday the 24th of February


Time:UK:6:00PM, GMT:5:30pm, PST:10am, EST: 2pm, CST: 10am, MST: 11PM

So make sure you come to that event, but make sure you sign up first on the join page!

Welcome to this new army

Welcome to the new army! Go to the join page to get started and recruit as many people as you can  about 20+ so we are ready for battles, training and even declaring war which gives us chances to get more people and even train more! Go to the chat page when you join so you can chat with your fellow soldiers and communicate about invasions so we can defend our servers as quick as we can! Also we now have allies and enemys so look on the nations page for that!